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The Amarano Beat

The Best Hollywood Tours & Sightseeing

With boutique accommodations at Hotel Amarano in downtown Burbank, you’ve got incredible access to the heart of the entertainment industry. And there’s no better way to explore that glitzy and glossy world than via a guided tour.

Hollywood Tours offers some of the best. If you’re at all captivated by the mythos of Tinseltown, join one of these group outings for a one-of-a-kind L.A. experience! Let’s take a look at just a few of the possibilities…

The Dearly Departed Tragical History Tour

Hollywood is nearly as well known for its high-profile deaths as its red-carpet parades and moviemaking, and the Dearly Departed Tragical History Tour tells those lurid stories. Over two and a half hours, this magnificently morbid foray hits up nearly 75 locations as it delves into better than a half-century of Hollywood demises: from Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston to John Belushi and Janis Joplin.

From the murders (Rebecca Schaeffer, Bugsy Siegel, Sal Mineo) to the overdoses to the persistently mysterious expirations, the Dearly Departed Tragical History Tour peers straight into the shadows. It’s not all murder, either: From Hugh Grant to Halle Berry, a few Hollywood scandals are thrown in for good measure as well.

This may go without saying, but the Dearly Departed Tragical History Tour isn’t suitable for kids (or, really, for the squeamish).

Madame Tussaud’s Hollywood

You may or may not luck out with a celebrity sighting during your Hotel Amarano getaway, but with this tour of Madame Tussaud’s Hollywood you’re guaranteed up-close encounters with more than 100 of them—well, their eerily realistic wax likenesses, anyway!

Meryl Streep to Morgan Freeman, Beyonce to Leonardo Di Caprio, Julia Roberts to Will Smith, James Dean to Cameron Diaz, Tiger Woods to Kobe Bryant—a who’s who of the rich and famous from long-ago and here-and-now awaits you at Madame Tussaud’s, where you’ll wander from between distinctly themed areas (Red Carpet Arrival, A-List Party, Awards Ceremony, etc.). Many of the figures come decked out in the getup of their iconic movie roles: Paul Newman and Robert Redford as Butch and Sundance, Marlon Brando as Don Corleone, Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump, and many more.

Other Hollywood Tours

Perhaps you’d rather hop from one celebrity neighborhood to the next with the Movie Stars Homes Van Tour, or sightsee your way through City of Angels landmarks with the Downtown Los Angeles Segway Tour. You’ve got plenty of options depending on your personal interests and inclinations.

Next time you stay with us here at Hotel Amarano, wade into Southern California legend with one of these Hollywood Tours!

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