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The Amarano Beat

Boutique Hotel for Burbank Farmer’s Market

Tap into the bounty of Southern California at the Burbank Certified Farmers Market, just a rhubarb’s toss (give or take) from Hotel Amarano!

This is a wonderful Saturday tradition that’s been going down for more than 30 years, and a reminder that our neck of the woods isn’t only about Hollywood glamor and entertainment: There’s a rich and venerable agricultural heritage woven into the scene as well.

Introducing the Burbank Certified Farmers Market

Established in 1983, the Burbank Certified Farmers Market is one of the oldest farmers markets in Southern California. All of its produce is certified California-grown, its vendors hailing from across the greater Los Angeles area and from points farther afield in the state, including the Bay Area and the Central Valley. You can take a look at the current list of participating vendors right here; the exact lineup is subject to change, of course.

Along with a rich array of fruits, vegetables, grass-fed beef, free-range poultry, and other farm-fresh delights, you’ll find fresh seafood on offer from Fisherman’s Catch, baked goods, juices, and various prepared foods, from Mexican tamales to Korean BBQ.

Learn more about the logistics of the Burbank Certified Farmers Market—including parking information and some insider tips—here. To get a sense for what to expect on any given Saturday at the market, meanwhile, you can keep tabs on what’s in season here in Southern California right here.

Burbank Certified Farmers Market Location & Hours

The farmers market is underway each and every Saturday from 8 AM to 12:30 PM at Olive and Glenoaks, only a few miles from Hotel Amarano.

For a Good Cause

This is a not-for-profit market: The Providence Saint Joseph Hospital Foundation receives all of the proceeds to help enable medical care for the needy.

Explore the Fertility of California’s Farms, Orchards, and Ranches—and Much More—at the Burbank Certified Farmers Market

The friendly Mediterranean climate and astonishing diversity of microclimates that help define California’s natural character translate to some of the world’s most productive agricultural lands. At the Burbank Certified Farmers Market—a stone’s throw from world-famous movie and television studios, within shouting distance of celebrity homes and hangouts—you get to experience that bounty firsthand. Enjoy the perfect boutique accommodations in Burbank at Hotel Amarano and make your way to Olive and Glenoaks on Saturday morning for this outstanding gathering of vendors and foodies!

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