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The Amarano Beat

Burbank Beer Festival Hotel

What better way to celebrate the gorgeous Southern Californian fall than with a glass of fine craft beer?

You’ll get the opportunity to do just that at the 3rd annual Burbank Beer Festival and Street Fair this Saturday, October 21, with our boutique hotel the perfect accommodations for taking in all the foamy fun! It’s a lively seasonal celebration coupled with a showcase of the beauty of downtown Burbank, and you won’t want to miss it.

The Burbank Beer Festival

The festival delights beer lovers with two sessions of world-class brews: one from noon to 3 PM, the second from 4 to 7 PM. Each will offer unlimited sampling of better than 85 craft beers on tap, a respectable share of them hailing from the Golden State—Baja Brewing, Mt. Lowe Brewing, Island Brewing, Lagunitas Brewing, and Burbank’s very own Lincoln Beer Company, to name only a few.

That’s not just a commitment to drinking locally: It’s also a reflection of the incredible caliber of suds coming out California, a national and international leader in the modern craft-beer movement.

But you’ll also get to quaff top-tier beers from all around the world at the Burbank Beer Festival, which welcomes one and all in the brew department as long as, of course, the flavor hits the mark. Einstök from Iceland, Stella Artois from Belgium, Guinness from—well, you know where Guinness comes from…international beers will sip comfortably alongside all those California winners.

You can check out a list of participating breweries at the Burbank Beer Festival right here.

Live Entertainment

The soundtrack at the Burbank Beer Festival won’t be restricted to pouring beers and satisfied aahs. As you savor the finer points of head, hoppiness, and mouthfeel, musicians and DJs will be rocking out. This year’s acts include Adelaide, Upstream, High Voltage Entertainment, iDJLA, and DJ Ken.

The Fall Street Fair

The craft-beer sampling sessions in the Beer Gardens are ticketed events (you can purchase tickets here), but meanwhile the Fall Street Fair taking over downtown Burbank during the proceedings is absolutely free to enter! It’s a family-friendly outdoor celebration easily combined with a beer-appreciation journey.

Come celebrate October sunshine and good vibes here in the Entertainment Capital of the World at the Burbank Beer Festival and Street Fair, and avail yourself of the choicest boutique accommodations within a stone’s throw of the festivities at the Hotel Amarano. We can’t wait to welcome you to downtown Burbank this autumn!

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