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Cinespia at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, 2015

California is the land of perpetual good weather, but it’s really in spring and summer that the outdoor movie season kicks off. There are a lot of different spots in Southern California that will set up the projector and let the crowd bring their blankets, beach chairs and (often extremely gourmet) picnics. Cinespia is best known for showing their films in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, so you can pay homage to past greats while watching your favorite stars onscreen.

If you ask most Angelenos what Cinespia is, they’ll almost definitely connect it to Hollywood Forever Cemetery and their outdoor showings. But Cinespia shows movies in historic theaters throughout downtown and Hollywood. For example, they’re playing Fantasia on June 27th at the world-renowned Chinese theater.

One of the great things about Cinespia is that they show a variety of movies. Of course they play fan favorites, but they’re from different ages and genres so you can expect to see something more creative than Ghostbusters. There‚Äôs nothing wrong with beloved comedies, but you’ll find Cinespia honors people with vision on every subject. There is talent everywhere you look in Hollywood, so what better place than the cemetery to capture the indescribable feeling that a great movie gives us? The setting sun and warm Hollywood nights are the perfect backdrop for a beautiful night.

This year Cinespia is featuring such classics as Mulholland Drive and Do The Right Thing. There is every reason to see your favorite flick in a huge community of movie lovers. Cult classics become infinitely more fun as you recite the lines with hundreds of other fans. There is a buzz throughout the small community and a happiness, which comes from feeling like you belong.

Cinespia is $15 to attend, and then there are also several parking options for an additional cost. Gaining access to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery is an unrivaled experience for those who enjoy films. You can enjoy DJS who are there for your pre-movie entertainment. Energetic and fun songs set the mood for you and your friends and family. Get even more pumped up before you sit back to enjoy the feature presentation. Visit themed photo booths based on the movie for that night, so you can dress up as your favorite character and take a picture in front of a ‘set’ to give you a fabulous keepsake. If you’re planning to visit LA, reserve tickets as soon as you can since they tend to sell out faster than you might think.

You will not regret joining in on this fun night while being in the presence of such legendary film greats as Rudolph Valentino or Cecil B. De Mille. The silver screen had writers, directors and actors, which are worth remembering no matter what time of year it is. Their spirit captured a generation and made an impact so great that we are sure to celebrate their achievements for many years to come. The influence of this close-knit group of forward thinkers on the United States is nothing short of a phenomenon.

The Hollywood Forever Cemetery is a truly magical place during this season of warmth because it brings joy to both visitors and locals alike!

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