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Hotel Amarano and the Dodgers Team Up

The L.A. Dodgers is one of the oldest teams in Major League Baseball. And now that historic team has partnered up with Hotel Amarano as a Preferred Hotel Partner.

The Dodgers Through the Ages

Did you know once upon a time the Dodgers were known as as the Atlantics? And then the Robins? They got their start in Brooklyn in 1883 and didn’t become the Dodgers until the early 1930’s. They finally moved from the East Coast to the West Coast in 1957 to become the L.A. Dodgers you know and love today.

The team has participated in many historical firsts throughout its existence, the biggest of which was signing Jackie Robinson. As you know, Jackie Robinson was the first African American to play in the Major Leagues in 1947. With him on the team, they won a half dozen pennants. He eventually became the first African American in the Hall of Fame in 1962.

Since the move to their new stadium in 1962, the Dodgers have been very successful as an MLB team. They have won four World Series and 9 National League Championships. Over the course of 43 years in operation, Dodgers Stadium has had 118 million fans attend their games.

Today’s Team

The team is currently thriving under the management of Dave Roberts. They lead the NL West, with 16 wins, standing over their in-state rivals the San Francisco Giants and San Diego Padres. The team has a solid mix of young, talented players such as Alex Wood, Corey Seager, and Joc Pederson, and wily veterans such as Chase Utley, Adrian Gonzalez, and Carl Crawford.

This team is flat-out fun to watch. Dodger’s Stadium is one of the oldest parks in the league, but was designed with a lot of modern concepts in mind, like optimal sight-lines. There is no bad seat in the park. The team has a solid offensive game, with a bunch of heavy hitters in the lineup, making it one of the more exciting teams to watch. Get those gloves ready, and watch out for homeruns!

Fan Participation

The organization hosts a number of themed nights throughout the year, including ‘Pups at the Park’ night, on Saturday July 9th, when your pet can join in on the family fun. There are many others including Star War’s Night and Fitness Night that are perfect activities for you and the whole family. Tickets for games are very affordable, and the team has created a great atmosphere for a family outing at the park with all of its extra activities outside of the game itself. No matter what time of the season you decide to make the trip to a game, there will always be something fun and exciting waiting for you. So what are you waiting for? PLAY BALL!

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