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LACMA’s 50th Anniversary

Everyone knows Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world. We have Disneyworld and Universal Studios, the tours at world-famous television and film production studios including NBC and Warner Brothers. So it usually comes as a surprise to many that LA is also one of the best museum destinations in the country.

This weekend is an incredible opportunity to rectify this egregious oversight, because LACMA is celebrating their 50th anniversary! And to make it better, this Sunday, April 26th, it is totally free.

You can experience the history and artistic masterworks in this stunning museum, now sporting a new exhibit that is 50- years and $675 million in the making. The anniversary spectacular includes artworks gifted by the famous and fabulous trustees of the museum. These gifts include a wealth of treasures that can be seen nowhere else and they span the gamut of artistic and historical gems. Works from Italian master sculptor Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini (1670-75), Renaissance paintings from Hans Memling (1480-85), and an 18th century wooden headdress in the carved likeness of a serpent from the Republic of Guinea, are just a few of the items to join the prodigious LACMA collection as part of the anniversary exhibition.

But this anniversary is about more than the art “bling” to be interred. Locals know the Miracle Mile District well, and they know that it’s beating heart is the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. This is a place that speaks the voice of LA’s pulse. From the Rodin’s displayed in the galleries to the sculptures in the gardens, from the distinctive noire architecture to the two-hundred and two masterfully restored cast iron street lamps in the outer plaza, LACMA represents the flavor of one of the greatest cities on the planet. It is a manifestation of the unapologetic and distinctive melding of cultures and art forms that defy conventions. A unique essence that constantly looks forward but remains well rooted in the shared history of a city that feels like an old soul unafraid to reinventing itself. LACMA is a representation of everything that makes Los Angeles special.

This Sunday, April 26th, head down to LACMA for the 50th anniversary of national treasure and experience something like nothing else in the world; the heart of Los Angeles.

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