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New Universal Studios Hollywood Ride Transforms Park Guests into Minions

Those fun-loving little yellow creatures that are so full of personality and curiosity seem to have taken Universal Studios Hollywood by storm and are causing all types of mayhem. And now you can be a part of all the fun by riding the brand new ride – Despicable Me Minion Mayhem.

The Despicable Me Minion Mayhem is a 3D adventure simulation ride that instantly transforms you into a Minion, and once transformed you’ll get to feel what it’s like to live as a Minion. The ride will take you through a series of twists and turns as you battle all sorts of challenges.

Your experience as a Minion starts immediately from the moment you step in line for the ride. First, you’ll be taken through a recruitment process to become a Minion, which features clips and segments from the movie as it teaches you the valuable skills needed to be a Minion.

Once the recruitment process is over, you can take an interactive quiz that will prepare you for what you are about to experience on the ride. Of course, participation is optional and you can always just move straight to the ride.

After it has been determined you have what it takes to be a Minion, you can start on the journey to become one. You’ll be lead through a series of rooms, which will feature videos about the ride and life as a Minion. These rooms are created to look like Gru’s living room and Gru’s laboratory, and appear to come straight from the movie.

Once training is complete, it’s time to take part in the fun and ride the actual Despicable Me ride. The ride starts off with one of the Minions zapping the riders and ‘transforming’ them into Minions. Working together, all Minions will battle a series of challenges in the hopes of coming out on top.

When the ride comes to an end, all Minions are transformed back to humans and quickly led off to a dance party. The dance party room features a costumed Minion and lots of music that will get you up and dancing. Dance for a little bit and move on your way!

If you have a desire to become a Minion – even if it’s just for a little bit – come join us at the Hotel Amarano. We’re a luxury hotel that is located just 6 minutes away from Universal Studios Hollywood and welcome all wannabe Minions!


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