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The NoHo Arts District: Truly Something for Everyone

The NoHo Arts District is a tight-knit community in North Hollywood that is home to a huge number of attractions that are sure to please just about every type of person. Whether you’re a fan of professional theater companies, art workshops, international dining options, clothing shops, dance studios, public art, music recording or something else entirely, you’ll find your specific interest wonderfully represented in the area. At any given time there are a huge number of events going on, all of which are more than worth checking out.

The Food Truck Collective

Sometimes people forget that food is every bit as much of an art form as painting, dancing, singing and more. If you’re a fan of fine dining and would like to extend your pallet a little bit, the NoHo Arts District’s Food Truck Collective is for you. Every Thursday night, food trucks come far and wine to serve patrons with a huge variety of different types of food. We’re not talking about simple hamburgers and hotdogs, here – we’re talking about some of the finest cuisine that you won’t be able to find anywhere else, all conveniently located in the district so you can sample as much as possible.


Even if you’re in the area and there isn’t a specific event going on that you want to check out, you can still go on a tour of the wide range of sights that the area has on full display. On any given day you can experience theater tours, dance tours, independent filmmaking tours, performing arts and filmmaking workshops and more. Many of your favorite films and television shows have probably shot in North Hollywood at some point, so there is always something you’ll recognize from the silver screen just waiting around the corner.

Gallery 800

Gallery 800, which is operated by the Art Directors Guild, regularly hosts art exhibits and other showcases that put the talent and passion of some of today’s finest artists on full display for all to see. One recent exhibit was “Landscapes,” for example, which featured more than 60 original art pieces and a chance to actually talk with the artists themselves about the work that they’re creating and the process that goes into taking such beautiful pictures. Gallery 800 regularly has different exhibits going on all throughout the year, so even if you’ve visited before there will still be things to keep you coming back for more.

At Hotel Amarano, we’re almost more excited about visitors getting a chance to experience the NoHo Arts District than we are about them getting to visit our actual hotel. Regardless of your tastes and preferences, it truly is something that not only has to be seen to be believed, but really does have a little something to offer just about every type of person out there. The NoHo Arts District is the type of place that will definitely stick with you long after you’ve returned home again after your trip has finished.

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