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Opening Day at Dodgers Stadium

If it’s April, that means Major League Baseball’s regular season is upon us: great news for any diehard bat-and-ball fan, or really anyone who appreciates the cultural tradition and simple pleasure of America’s Pastime.

If you fall in either of those broad categories, we’ve got more good news: The Hotel Amarano puts you within an easy commute of Dodger Stadium, home—of course—to the venerable Los Angeles Dodgers, one of the most storied teams in the sport.

As a Preferred Hotel Partner of the Dodgers, we couldn’t be more excited about this year’s ballpark action—especially when it comes to giving our guests blissfully convenient access to it from our boutique hotel here in downtown Burbank!

The Dodgers Step Up to the Plate in 2017

Opening day at Dodger Stadium for the 2017 regular season falls on Monday, April 3, when the Boys in Blue kick off their inaugural homestand against trusty rivals the San Diego Padres (with subsequent series games on the April 4, 5, and 6).

After road trips to Denver and Chicago, the Dodgers return to the City of Angels April 14 through 19 to host the Arizona Diamondbacks and then the Colorado Rockies.

Then it’s on to Phoenix and New York before coming back home to face the Phillies (April 28 through 30) and the Giants (May 1 through 3).

You can check out the Dodgers’ full schedule—and purchase tickets for those home games—right here.

Dodgers History Lesson

The Dodgers haven’t always called L.A. home—or been called the Dodgers, for that matter. Not really a surprise, given we’re talking about a 134-year-old baseball team.

The outfit came to life in Brooklyn, New York in 1883. First called the Atlantics, the team cycled through quite the slew of monikers—the Grays, the Bridgegrooms, the Grooms, the Superbas, the Trolley Dodgers, the Robins—before assuming their now-iconic Dodgers label in 1932.

It wouldn’t be till 1957 that the Dodgers moved to the City of Angels, playing for a few years at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum until the opening, in 1962, of Dodger Stadium. That facility’s one of the longest-serving ballparks in the MLB, and certainly a defining L.A. landmark worth experiencing in-the-flesh at least once.

The Dodgers have an impressive C.V.: We’re talking six World Series titles (most recently in 1988) and 21 National League Championships. And some truly legendary athletes have been part of the Dodgers roster for the years—not least Jackie Robinson, MLB’s first African-American player.

Take in a Dodgers Game with Hotel Amarano

Come get in the baseball spirit with Hotel Amarano: we’d love to host you for a Dodgers getaway in 2017!

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