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Romantic Date & Vacation Ideas in the Los Angeles Area

Everyone’s been on dates to fancy restaurants and romantic movies, so impressing a date requires a more creative approach. Now imagine replacing the restaurant wait and the line at the movies with unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime views of the Los Angeles area’s best landmarks. Pristine views of California’s coastline, Venice boardwalk and the Hollywood Sign just to name very few. The idea you’ve stumbled upon exactly describes a helicopter tour of the Los Angeles area.

You’ll impress every second of your flight, from the memorable takeoff to flying over well-known landmarks. But if you want to create more unforgettable memories, be sure to make a reservation for an exceptional dinner at the tower restaurant, Typhoon, in the Santa Monica airport. You’ll share surrounding views in the circular windowed dining room, but only after your helicopter lands directly in front of your destination. And for the ultimate in romantic scenery, take off from your romantic dinner right before sunset and enjoy views of a Pacific sunset only a lucky few get to experience.

Where to Fly

We here at Hotel Amarano have partnered with Elite Helicopter Tours and Lorenzo Lamas to bring our guests the uniquely memorable experience of a Los Angeles area helicopter tour. Learn more about Elite Helicopter Tours and how you can take part in a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Anyone seeking a romantic date will hit the mark with Elite Helicopter tours in Burbank. Adding a sensational stay right here at Hotel Amarano will send your entertainment ratings over the top.

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