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Sip Beer, Support Autism! Hops & Hopes is Back

If you’re staying with us this weekend, you’re in for a treat! On Saturday, our city’s “most epic” beer fest is back in town, and it’s not just for beer lovers. The Hops & Hopes Craft Beer Fest is an annual event that raises funds for Beer Autism Hope, a charity that supports the autism community in countless ways.

This is your rare chance to drink for a good cause, but it’s also a great way to experience the real Los Angeles. The Memorial Coliseum People from different states, backgrounds and cultures will come together to share a common passion for their craft, proving that movies aren’t the only art forms that move us.

Taste Unlimited Flavors

The craft beer craze is in full swing across the country, but most people associate small batch brews with smaller, colder cities like Portland and Denver. We know firsthand that isn’t true! Wine flows in Napa Valley, but sunny southern California actually has plenty of delicious craft breweries, and our bars work hard to carry brews from the rest of the country too.

With the purchase of a general or early admission ticket, you’ll get your own Hop Courage tasting glass, five to six hours inside the Memorial Coliseum, and unlimited samples of hundreds of different American-made beers. Designated drivers get a steep discount too, so there’s no reason to risk it and drive home after all those samples.

Learn from The Legends

Drinking isn’t the only way to experience some of the country’s most refined and delicious new tastes. All day long, master brewers and reviewers will be treating guests to panel discussions, VIP tours, meet-and-greets and more.

At 1 PM, a panel of women will put gender stereotypes to rest with a discussion about the influential women in the craft brewing world. Writers, brewers, chemists and other beer experts will spend this hour sharing stories, sampling brews and mingling with guests who are doing the same.

Other in-depth experiences include a discussion with the founders and brewers of Eagle Rock Blewery, a tasting session with the Southern Tier Brewing Company’s head brewer, and a live-streamed master panel moderated by the editor of All About Beer.

Play Pong All Day

What better place than a stadium to get your game on? Beer pong isn’t just for the frat house anymore. At this once-a-year drink fest, the original drinking game is a full-blown Olympic sport. Test your hand-eye coordination as the day wears on, with two different official beer pong tournaments. As players conquer the pyramids of cups, they’ll win prizes and advance to new rounds.

VIP guests will even take their turns at the tables for the Celebrity Beer Pong Tournament. Brewers, editors, reviewers and even brewery founders are expected to jump into the action and bounce some balls into their own creations. The lines between professional and amateur will get a bit blurry, but that’s what craft beer is all about.

A stadium full of brewers isn’t exactly a poolside cabana. However, at Hotel Amarano, our staff and guests are connoisseurs who know how to appreciate unique tastes. If you plan to attend Hops & Hopes this weekend, make sure you tell us all about the flavors and folks that made it fun.

Of course, if you can’t make it, just treat yourself to a few cold, refreshing brews in our Library Lounge. Our taps and tapas are full of worldly flavors, so you can immerse yourself in Burbank specialties or pair your beer with international cuisine.

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