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Take In the Burbank International Film Festival

Out of the many great things to do around the hotel, one of the most interesting is the yearly Burbank International Film Festival, which takes place from September 9th through September 13th. The atmosphere of the festival is electric. You’ve got industry people trying to make deals and wannabe filmmakers and performers trying to impress. You’ve got established stars and young starlets. And of course, there are so many beautiful people moving about and the throngs of photographers snapping away.

There’s been an eclectic selection of films, mostly independently produced movies, and not your big Hollywood blockbuster events, which are usually aimed at kids. There’s a wide range of films for just about every taste. Science fiction and horror films are shown at the festival and there’s an entire evening to celebrate them, with fans walking around in their “Star Trek” costumes, it’s a blast to see. The festival also includes movies from around the world, and the Burbank festival may be your only chance to see them in a theater.

All of the movies from the festival show at the AMC 16, which is very close to the hotel. The exterior of the theater is quite glamorous and with the brightly lit stairs leading up to the entrance, it brings to mind old school Hollywood glamour. The interior is spacious and has some very nice amenities, like a bar and reclining seats in one theater. You can get your favorite beverage and take it inside the theater to enjoy with your movie, great if you are hoping to relax after a business meeting. There are several restaurants around the theater, offering everything from Japanese fusion to burgers. After you take in one of the films it’s a very short walk to a good meal.

We recommend you score tickets to the closing night gala if nothing else. It’s held in the marvelous Castaway restaurant, a place that looks like a movie set itself, with a view that takes in the beautiful vistas of the Los Angeles area from high atop a hill. The view is breathtaking and definitely worth a visit. Many of the top filmmakers and actors will attend the ceremony because this is where they give out the awards for the best work shown at the festival. The news media will be there covering the event, and you’ll get a taste of the allure of the film industry.

The Burbank festival is relatively new, which is surprising given that there is a history of movie making in the area. The upside is that there aren’t a lot of the long lines and ticket difficulties you hear about from other film festivals. Also, you get to see new filmmakers on the way up. If you’re hoping to see the “A” list of Hollywood, like Brad Pitt or Jennifer Lawrence, well, the Burbank festival isn’t there yet.

If you’re staying with us at Amarano for business, the Burbank film festival can be a great way to wind down, or wind up, if that’s what you’re after. It’s a great experience for movie lovers, and especially for people who have never been to a film festival before. So, take a chance and grab a ticket. Even if you end up not liking the movie, the event itself will be worth the price of admission.

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