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The El Nino Scene in Greater L.A.

Chances are you’ve heard plenty about this season’s El Nino, one of the strongest on record. It’s bringing plenty of rain to Southern California (and, hopefully, loads of snow for the mountains). What does the unusually wet forecast mean for a potential visit to greater Los Angeles?

First off, some background: What’s El Nino? In a nutshell, the phenomenon involves warmer-than-usual waters in the tropical eastern Pacific (and cooler-than-usual waters in the tropical western Pacific)—with far-reaching global impacts. The wintertime jet stream that usually routes storms into the Pacific Northwest migrates southward, aiming that wet weather at Southern California (and the rest of the southern United States). The start to 2016 in greater LA has certainly been a rain-socked one, a pattern likely to continue into the early spring. That’s prompted concerns about flooding and mudslides—and also hope that the deluges may do at least something to mitigate the Golden State’s longstanding drought.

Besides the copious rain, our local Pacific waters remain atypically warm, with some fascinating side effects: Tropical sea snakes have even been washing ashore lately!

Given the El Nino weather, it’s certainly important to keep an eye on the forecast and current road conditions during your LA visit. The City of Los Angeles has plenty of important tips on staying safe during severe weather.

Even as we drink up this rain, though, there remains plenty to do here in Burbank—wet day or dry! Take a tour of one of our famous movie or television studios, lose yourself in one of the area’s absorbing museums, like the Warner Studios Museum or the Gordon R. Howard Museum, indulge in some retail therapy at the Burbank Town Center, take in a concert or art gallery—the list goes on and on in one of America’s most beloved entertainment capitals!

And, of course, we’ve got a stellar suite of indoor amenities right here at the Hotel Amarano to make your visit a luxurious one!

Here’s hoping El Nino’s rains will make some headway in recharging aquifers and building up a mountain snowpack. Meanwhile, come stay with us at the Hotel Amarano and have a blast in greater LA—even under the occasional gray sky!

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