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The Rams Make Their Return to L.A.

Even though the offseason hasn’t even begun and we are still a few weeks away from the Super Bowl, the world of the NFL has been shook to its core with the announcement that the St. Louis Rams will be leaving that city and will be returning to L.A. This is a bitter goodbye for the St. Louis fans, but a homecoming for the city of L.A., who has been without an NFL team for nearly 20 years.

A Brief History

The Rams began as team in Cleveland way back in 1936, joining the NFL in 1937. Of course, pro football was at its infancy at the time as weekend warriors mostly played the sport. By 1946, the team had moved to Los Angeles.

For the next five decades, the Rams were a part of the city. They played in the world famous LA Coliseum until 1979, and Anaheim Stadium until 1994. However, Orange County was in economic straits and could no longer support the team, the team packed it up and went to St. Louis.

A Triumphant Return

Ever since the departure of the Rams, the city has attempted to lure several different teams to move here unsuccessfully. However, the opportunity just never came through. This all changed when the new owner of the Rams decided to purchase a large swath of land next to the Forum in Inglewood in 2014. St. Louis just couldn’t afford to match the agreement.

After a meeting of the NFL owners in January, it was finally decided that the Rams would be coming home after nearly 20 years. Until the new stadium is complete in Inglewood, they will be returning to their original home at the Coliseum. This is a pretty exciting time for the area, as sports fans in this area are incredibly passionate and have been waiting for so long for NFL football. NFL teams bring in a lot of tourists and give the area a great boost in the economy during home games.

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