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Union Station Comes Alive with Music on Friday Nights

Trains, locomotives, railroad cars – once a cutting edge means of transportation that brought common people further than they’d ever thought imaginable. Today, with so many options for travel, the stations have largely emptied out, discreetly containing all the style and class of history awaiting another opportunity to make themselves useful to this modern society.

Luckily for these quiet halls, the wait for the next wave of excitement is over.

Dublab, the worldwide online radio station based out of Los Angeles, is honoring its commitment to provide a setting in which music, art, and culture can flourish and thrive. Through a new partnership with Metro Art, they have found the perfect venue for this – the cavernous and brilliantly decorated waiting room of Union Station.

Every Friday evening in March, the venue comes to life for a short period of time (4-6p.m.), hosting DJs, live performances, and energetic music lovers dancing between the walls built in 1939 for a very different purpose. It’s safe to say the construction workers of the 30s did not have this in mind as they poured the concrete for the largest train station in the country.

Yet, the Art Deco/Mission Revival architecture and acoustics of the room provide the perfect setting for the new, thriving generation of music. Here, sound and art form the perfect partnership and the perfect platform for the enhancement of the local music scene and the culture surrounding it.

Hopefully, this is just the beginning of new beginnings for this amazing venue, but just in case it isn’t, be sure to catch at least one show of the March series.

Upcoming Performances:

March 18: DJ set by Carlos Niño with a live performance by Stellar Rahim.

March 25: DJ set by Victoria O’Halon with a live performance by Mark Van Hoen.

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