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Want To See The Back Of The Hollywood Sign? Here Is The Best Hiking Route You Need To Know About

Heights, camera, traction! If you want to experience the famous Hollywood sign like never before, it’s going to take a bit of hiking, climbing, and a little photographic evidence to prove you made the trek yourself. There are a number of ways to make your ways up scenic Mount Lee to see the back of the Hollywood sign, but the best way is a little inside secret we love sharing with our guests. Here is what you need to know about the best hiking route in all of the Hollywood Hills

Getting Started

While this hike can offers a challenge, it’s also considered the most rewarding route. That being said, it’s not exactly for beginners. This western approach is known as the Wonder View Trail Loops and features high elevation gain, tough terrain, and a steeper hike overall, so be sure you’re up for a little adventure. In total, the trail is 3 miles and should take you about 2 to 4 hours from the point you leave to the point you get back to your car depending on your pace, leaving you with plenty of time to enjoy a night on the town later.

First, you need to know how to get to the hike’s start point, which is located at the corner of Wonder View Drive and Lake Hollywood Drive. Thankfully, this is just a 6 minute drive from Hotel Amarano. First head southeast along North Pass Avenue towards West Heffron Drive for about a half a mile. From there, make a right on to West Olive Avenue until you gradually turn merge onto Barham Boulevard. Then make left on to Lake Hollywood Drive and you’re ready to start your journey. You can also walk, but it’s a 2.3 mile walk that will take you about 50 minutes.

Getting To The Top Of Hollywood

Once you arrive at the start point, you’ll begin your hike up Wonder View Drive for a quarter-mile, which is a private road. At the end of this road, you’ll find the beginning of a trail that brings you to the right of Wonder View Drive. Now the hard part begins. The trail climbs about 750 feet in only three quarters of a mile, and you’ll definitely feel the burn.

First, you’ll reach a ridge that represents the area where Burbank Peak and Cahuenga Peak connect. To make your way to the sign, you’ll want to head in an eastern direction, which means you want to make a right and head towards the Cahuenga summit, which also happens to be the highest peak in all of the Hollywood hills. Be sure to catch the views at this point. You’ll see the L.A. basin in the south and the San Gabriel Mounts in the north.

Keep your eyes peeled at the summit. You should see a slightly difficult to find trail that heads down from the eastern side of the Cahuenga summit. This part of the trek might require you to be a bit careful and use your hands when the trail becomes a bit rugged and steep.

You will now make your way back to a paved road known as Mt. Lee Drive. You should be able to see the Hollywood sign at this point. Simply make a right on this road and continue to the top of Mt. Lee, where you’ll catch an up close and personal look of the Hollywood sign. On top of all that, you’ll have beautiful views of the Santa Ana Mountains, downtown L.A., the Pacific Ocean, the San Gabriel Mountains, and the San Francisco Valley.

Congratulations! You now have some Hollywood bragging rights that you can share at a cocktail part, and a memory to last a lifetime!

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