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Welcome to Burbank, Harry Potter!

Hollywood has always been a magical place, but this summer, Los Angeles will have more wizards, witches, and muggles than ever before. The new Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ is now open at Universal Studios Hollywood, and we’re excited to help our guests explore the shops, rides, and interactive wonders of this magical new world.

Walk Through the Pages of Harry Potter 

Burbank is the entertainment capital of the world, so it’s hard to imagine a more fitting city to walk right into the pages of a children’s novel. Based on the beloved book series that inspired a beloved film series, the new Wizarding World is a full-scale replica of Harry Potter’s haunts. The movies were fantastic, but even in LA, we have to admit: nothing brings literature to life like riding a broom through a Quidditch match or taking a sip of warm, frothy butterbeer.

At Universal Hollywood’s newest and most exciting attraction, you’ll even be able to set foot on the streets of Hogsmeade, the snowy Scottish town where Harry and his friends unleashed after exams. What better way to unleash after your own long spring? We’re thrilled to get our guests in the mood for magic, and we even have a special offer to help you do just that.


Enjoy a Wizardly Long Weekend

Calling all muggles and wizards! The Wizarding World opened just in time to take advantage of one of our favorite holiday offers. We’re kicking off summer at with our Memorial Day Package. This package makes it easy to treat yourself to a journey through J.K. Rowling’s imagination – and enjoy a dreamy night’s sleep after every dream-come-true day.

Cast a spell on the little ones with a surprise three-day adventure, and treat yourself to discounted elixirs and meal credits at night. You’ll be able to check out the brand new Wizarding World before the summer crowds converge, and you’ll also enjoy 15 percent off at our upscale equivalent of the Leaky Cauldron.

We don’t need magic to create affordable, unforgettable experiences for all our guests. Learn more about our Memorial Day offer and start planning your trip through the streets of Hogsmeade.



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